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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I need new equipment in my home in order to have FibreOP services?

Yes, in order to be able to provide 100% fibre optics and deliver the highest quality of service a new unit will be secured to the inside of your home which will be connected by new fibre optic cable to the adjacent telephone pole. There will also be a power supply required to deliver power to the equipment and a new FibreOP Wireless Modem installed inside. A nearby AC power outlet will be required near the indoor equipment to provide power to the unit. FibreOP TV requires a HD/SD Digital Receiver to be installed per TV in your household.

Will new wires need to be run into and throughout my home for FibreOP services?

To deliver FibreOP services to your home, our FibreOP Technician will make sure your TV and Internet services are delivered over a quality connection within your home. Our technicians will test and look to use the existing wiring in your home today to deliver our services and try to use minimal amounts of new wiring. If required, our professional technicians will upgrade your home wiring to provide the best possible experience for your FibreOP services.

Why is fibre optic technology superior?

Our 100% fibre-optic network provides the highest bandwidth capacity available for both sending and receiving data. Customers can download, upload and share video, music and photos with family and friends at incredibly fast speeds. Our FibreOP direct-to your-home provides a dedicated connection between your home and our switching facility (or central office), so the bandwidth delivered to your home doesn't vary based on how many other users are in the neighbourhood as is typically the case with coax networks used by cable companies.

How does fibre technology work?

FibreOP will use newly installed fibre-optic cables composed of hundreds of hair-like strands of glass to send pulses of light to carry data from our multimedia serving centres through to a small Optical Network Terminal (ONT) located at the home. The ONT converts the pulses into digital signals which are distributed in the home to TV's, home computers and any other home device requiring broadband connectivity. The fibre network carries signals on two wavelengths: one for downstream communications and one for upstream. This ensures that high bandwidth data delivery will be available in both upstream and downstream directions. The FibreOP network will deliver a multiple Gbps signal to a cluster of homes in a neighbourhood. Each home in the cluster will be allocated an equal "dedicated" portion of this multiple Gbps signal. "Dedicated" means the bandwidth allocated between a home and our switching facility or central office does not vary based on how many other users are in your neighbourhood, as is typically the case with coax networks used by CableCos.

What are Bell Aliant Security Services Minimum systems requirements?

Security Services v7 only works with Windows XP or Windows Vista (not Win98, ME, 2000).